610 SFC TT

610 SFC TT

The trucking industry can be tough sometimes with unpredictable circumstances and unknown Terrain. But when the Terrain gets Tough, our Trucks get Tougher. We thus bring to you the 610 SFC TT, “ The Stable performance on Unstable Roads”

The 610 SFC TT has evolved from the SFC 407 HT, not only to comply with the BS6 norms but also to provide maximum benefits to its Owners. The vehicle offers its owners the 6 six powers of profits, performance, Driving Comfort, Convenience & Connectivity, Value as well as Safety & Security, thus providing owners a powerful tool to grow their business to its fullest potential.

In addition, Tata Motors is the ONLY manufacturer in India selling the SFC Styled Cabins with the ‘Unique NOSE’ for highest levels of safety.

With a vast application portfolio including Construction materials, Tankers, LPG Cylinders, poultry Carriers, this 6.25 Ton Cargo Truck with a 10 Ft Deck length, is an epitome of versatility coupled with Stability.

The top feature upgradations done in this BS6 range vehicle are: improved package of Power, Torque and low end Torque, highest gradeability, standard Power steering with new design, latest H2LS Braking system, Banjo Type Rear Axle, improved chassis thickness, reduction in clutching and Gear shifting efforts, improved suspension strength, Music System with Blaupunkt speakers, USB fast Charging, New Seat design with heat resistant Melba Fabric, PTO Provision, reverse parking assist and standard telematics Kit Etc.

Download LPT 610 SFC TT  Brochure