407 Pickup

407 Pickup

The Tata 407 Pickup comes with a payload of 2.25T, which offers nearly double the payload of any other pickup vehicle in the market.

Thus customers do not face any hassles of overloading. Further, the Tata 407 Pickup gives customers the benefit of a relatively small turning circle radius of 5.5m which, along with an overall length of only 4,700 mm, helps in manoeuvrability even in narrow lanes.

The inherent ability of this vehicle gives the customer an opportunity of carrying 2T loads for longer distances, which translates into more business. The Tata 407 Pickup comes with a service interval of 20,000 km enabling the customer to spend less on maintenance. The legendary 407 platform with three years/ three lakh km warranty gives confidence and assurance of extended life. The Tata 407

Pickup comes with a competitive price which gives the benefit of almost the same EMI, similar down payment, making it an attractive business proposition.

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